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My first pair of bifocal glasses bought online

This is really a piece of remarkable thing in my retiring life. It was the first time I had bought a pair of bifocal glasses and the first time I had ordered something online as well. Now, wearing the comfortable bifocal glasses I had just received for a week, I want write down the interesting experience of shopping online.

Many people have told me that I may feel lonely after retirement. It turned out to be true. I moved to the south of the country after leaving my company. I enjoyed the good sunshine in the state even though I lived far away from my children. Some of them will drive a lone way to look after me once a month. For most of the time, I just did some trivial work in the garden or read the local newspapers sent every day. However, I found that my eyesight got worse day by day. Even though I knew it was something really normal, I felt a little worry about myself. Not wanting to trouble my children, I decided to buy a pair of eyeglasses online.

One of my warmhearted neighbors has given me the website of the option shop. I tried to logged in and found it to be such a large shop. I didn’t know clearly the procedures to order a pair of eyeglasses suitable for myself. Then I just got in touch with the shop keeper through the live chat. When he was aware of the conditions of my eyesight, he advised me to try a pair of bifocal glasses. This was the first time I had heard of bifocal glasses. As he told me, the lens of bifocal glasses were so special that you can see the scenes from both near and far distance. At the same time, he guaranteed that there won’t be any visible line in the lens. This really made me interested.

Having made my mind to order a pair of bifocal glasses, I began to choose the frames and other details of my eyeglasses. I thought the bifocal glasses with full frames will suit me better. Meanwhile, the color of the frame should be dark or brown, without any patterns on. The shop keeper took my requirements quickly and then suggested me with some types. One pair of the bifocal glasses really matched my imagination so I ordered it. Three days after I logged in the www.cheapprescriptionglasses.net I received the bifocal glasses. Now we are really getting on well with each other.