Eyeglasses Ocean

Glasses will accompany me for my whole life.

Glasses have been my closest friend for many years. I began wearing glasses when I was only 13 years old.

So, how did it happen? Definitely, I was not born with bad eyesight. My mother always ascribed this to my great love for TV series that made my eyesight worse and worse gradually. But I do not sherry agree with her. A lot of reasons have contributed to my poor eyesight. At first, I have to admit that watching TV little or more makes a difference on my eyesight. Besides, I had few sense of protecting my eyes. But I think the most part should be attributed to tensile studies. My eyesight started getting poor when I was in grade six. At that time, we were faced with primary-junior examinations. As we all know, a good junior school is the fundamental of a first-class university. We all did not want to lose at the beginning, so did our teachers and parents. Teachers left us a myriad homework that we had to study until very late. Gradually, I can not see things clearly written by teachers on the blackboard. In order not to interfere me with my studies, my parents took me to the glass shop and bought me a pair of glasses of 200 degrees.

Since then, glasses have been together with me until now, but the degree is getting bigger and bigger. And now, it is already 500 degrees. Every winter or summer vacation, I go to the glass shop to have a check. When my eyesight gets poorer, I will have a new pair.

It seems that glasses are indispensable in my life now. Without them, I feel like that I am in short of something; a feeling makes me very uncomfortable. My glasses and I am apart from each other only when I am sleeping. Even my best friends can not stay with me for so long. Every morning, when I wake up, the first thing is to wear my glasses. It has already been a habit. With eyeglasses, I can see things clearly; I can fully appreciate this colorful world. What’s more, glasses also make me look gently.

Each coin has two sides, so do glasses. To tell the truth, I am not eager to wear glasses by heart. Wearing glasses too long will transform our eyes, which make us ugly, especially girls. For another, it is inconvenient for us when doing sports, taking showers and so on. For instance, once I was having PE lessons, volleyball flied to me and was thrown to my glasses. I felt a great pain caused by them. How terrible! If only my eyesight was so poor, I will not choose to wear glasses. How regretted I am now not protecting my eyes carefully.

So it is better to protect our eyes every time and every place. After all, it is no use crying over spilled milk. Even if glasses are useful, we’d better not dependant on them.

All in all, I can not live normally without glasses. What I can do is trying to keep my eyesight steady. Glasses will accompany me for my whole life.

So my closest friend, let’s live happily forever!