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Which prescription eyeglasses frame type is better?

Generally speaking, eyeglasses frame types can be classified into three main kinds: full rim, half rim and rimless. Just as the proverb goes that” Each coin has two sides”, the three kinds of eyeglasses frames have its own feature.

The full rim prescription glasses frames are considered to be the most original and very popular in the past and it will definitely last for ever. Among the material of the full rim eyeglasses frame, the plastic is especially popular. Colorful, stylish and elegant are all combined into this type. Just take the frame model DR1016 for example. Latest designed artistic frame, most popular in 2010, with fresh and elegant flower pattern in the transparent temple. What’s more, the frame itself is super light, so even you wear it all day, and you will not feel uncomfortable. The most advantage for such frame is the price which only cost $35.00. To sum up, affordability and personality make this frame is a good choice for women both in leisure time and working time.

As for the half rim prescription glasses frame, it is considered to be lighter compared with the full rim. For example, DS2226, the similar style as Ray ban, simple but classic, the Pierced design in the temples make this style frame be filled with timeless charm. Buying it online, the price is lower than the retail stores. If you want to order polarized lenses for your prescription, you’d better not choose the semi-rim frames especially with the prescription power within +/-3.00 for the reason that the Polarized coating will be easily get peeled off.

In today’s fast moving lifestyle, the rimless frame is most popular. Rimless glasses are the lightest frame. It looks much gentle and a kind of sense of wisdom. For the rimless eyeglasses, it is much better for you to select polycarbonate safety lenses which is considered to be more durable and can effectively protect the lens crack. For instances, NN3011, the most feature for this rimless frames is that there has spring hinge in the temples, they are very comfortable wearing without too much stress after long time wearing. The price is also very reasonable, to get it, you only need to spend $52.50 on glassespeople.com.

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