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Good gift for my friend-a pair of prescription sunglasses

I cannot help to praise myself for choosing a great gift for one of my good friend Dante. Do not laugh at me. You know what I gave him? A pair of prescription sunglasses. let me tell the story from the very beginning.

Dante, my best friend, is going to Africa next month since his company needs him to work here for a period of time. As a famous railway engineer, Dante would go to join an Africa assistance program founded by his company. He is such kind a person, though he knows life is hard there, he is willing to contribute his share for the sake of improving Africa’ traffic system. What a great person, isn’t he?

You know, life in Africa countries is different from that in America. The weather, the food, the living standards, especially the temperatures and so on are so different from America. And what is more, he has to work most of his time outdoors. I am really worried about his life there, but maybe I could not help him, but I want to try my best to show my care. So, what could I give him? I thought over and over again. I have to choose something that is easy to carry since he cannot handle too much by airplane. Suddenly I think about the intense sunshine in Africa. Maybe he needs a pair of good prescription sunglasses to protect his eyes under the sunshine when working outside. So I decide to buy a pair of glasses for him.

I visited several optical stores, but they cannot fill a pair since I had no Dante’s prescription list. That is a problem. I went home that day and made an excuse asking for his prescription list. He sent me a digital one the other day. Since I was unwilling to go out shopping around, I decided to go shopping online as it is convenient and wonderful. I searched the internet for a long time and chose one pair from www.glassespeople.com. Last week, I received the glasses and it looked good! I gave it to Dante yesterday. You know what? He loves it very much and said that he had longing for a pair of prescription sunglasses for a long time! How happy I am!