Eyeglasses Ocean

The year 2016 when I decide to value my old friend EYEGLASSES forever.

It was the best of times, it was the season of light, it was the spring of hope, and it was the year 2004 when we first met each other with the “help” of my computer.

Frankly, when I was informed of being nearsighted, I felt excited to death, thinking that finally I can wear glasses and that was fairly cool. At that time, glasses were regarded as a sign of good students. It seemed like that the glasses would ensure a perfect future for us,with which we can have a life like “Good study, day up.” So whenever I wore glasses, I was quite proud and unwilling to take them off. We acted like a pair of first lovers.

However, along with time passing, just like a toy out of fashion, gradually eyeglasses were deserted by me. As the curiosity and the pride had been exhausted, I increasingly found it unbearable to deal with the inconvenience glasses had brought to me:with a pair of glasses, I could hardly play football, basketball, and baseball at my will. What’s more, wearing eyeglasses didn’t seem cool any more to me then; it even made me look extremely dull. So I didn’t wear them except in class. Then, to my eyeglasses, it maybe the worst of times, the season of darkness, the winter of sadness. It was the year 2007 when we were in danger of “falling out”.

Now, I take my glasses with me wherever I go. Like an old couple, I am not crazy about them, nor tired of them, am I just used to them. I depend on them and have the sense of security due to their existence. They are full of my memories and deserve my treasuring. They are conveying the love and hope from my parents; they are recording the dreams of my childhood and they are also reflecting the changes in my sense of beauty. Nevertheless, if given another chance, I would spare no effort to protect my eyes from the computer. After all, I prefer to see the world more directly. But in that case, I would not come across my “old and faithful companion”. Well, fair train.

It is the most usual time, it is the season of harmony, it is the autumn of harvest, and it is the year 2010 when I decide to value my old friend forever.